Texting, then no texting... What does it mean?

If a guy all of a sudden stops texting me, what does that mean? We use to text regularly a few times a week, but all of a sudden he stopped texting me back. We talk in person all the time, but he doesn't text me back now... Why? Only when it deals with something super important...? THANKS


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  • It is called not being obsessive. Nobody is going to text 24/7 when you want him to. Texting gets boring, its not cute, its not sexy, and communication is limited. There are many reasons for not texting back:

    1) You text him too much and he is tired of responding constantly

    2) He is at work

    3) He is driving

    4) Most texts are just a bunch of "lol's" and :) :) :) :) (boring)

    5) Cell phone may not be working because the cellular network is busy or is down.

    6) Not enough reception and text messages get canceled.

    7) he has a limit on how many text messages he can send per month, then he is charged every time he sends and receives.

    Talking on the phone is easier, saves money, gets more info across per second, can sound sexy, can be cute, and it is why people have cell phones in the first place. So stop worrying about his texts.

    • alright... Thanks! Its just because like all of the sudden he stop texting all together, and we use to text a lot. BTW our texts were never just lol, brb, haha, or :-)... Usually long sentences... But that's helpful!


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