Why hasn't he contacted me?

OK so I met this guy from a dating site like 2 weeks ago, and we've been on 2 dates. Things go really well he kissed me couple times on 2nd date. We planned to go on a 3rd date last Sunday (he wanted to go on Friday but I had other plans, and he had other plans on Saturday so Sunday was the only option), but he just remembered it was super bowl time so he had to cancel the date. But since then he hasn't contacted me. Its been 3 days (since the last time he texted me it was Friday, and now its Monday). I have no intention on contacting him first since I think it's his job to reschedule the date if he's still interested in seeing me. I kinda expect him to date other people as well, not just me since I'm doing the same thing but I just don't understand what happened. I mean at least tell me what's going on so I know where I am with him. I checked his profile once in a while to see if he's still active and the first time I checked was after my first date with him on Jan 23, he didn't log on till like Feb 3 (he was pretty active before I met him), and yesterday was the 2nd time he logged on after a while. I don't want to read too many things into it but I don't know what his deal is? Also he used to text me every other day, or sometimes 2 days in a row. But after the first date he waited 2 days to text me. After the 2nd date I was the one who contacted him first.


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  • He hasn't contacted you because he has nothing to say or to ask.

    The fact that his activity level on the site went down after he met you, tells me that he's acting as though he's found someone (namely you) and isn't as interested in the site anymore.

    That's a good sign.

    You mention that you met him two weeks ago, and have had two dates. To me, that suggests a one date a week schedule. In which case, you can expect him to arrange a third date for this week. But since it's only Monday/Tuesday, it's early in the week to be arranging a date.

    Expect him to get in touch by Wednesday.

    And don't read anything into his silence. He's not being calculating or working off some prearranged call schedule. Guys just don't feel the need to communicate the same way that girls do.

    • Haha you're right he did contact me yesterdAy and arrange for a third date this Friday. Should I make him put a little more effort in this? I feel like he hasn't really done anythin to impress me besides this one time I said I couldn't pass a paddle and he lifted me up like 3 times so I didn't have to walk over them. And although we started talkin since then he always text but never calls. Is Somethin wrong with that? I mean I'm fine w it since I'm not really a phone person either

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    • Thanks! You definitely make me understand things a lot more now. So far he has been the one who initiate almost all conversations, although I do initiate once in a while ( I think 3 times maybe, just enough to let him know I'm interested). He seems like he likes to play games, doesn't he? Because sometimes he just stop initiating for couple days (usually no more than 2 or 3 days). Plus we've gone out for 2 dates but we don't know where exactly our houses are yet. Since he never actually (TBC)

    • offered to pick me up from my place, or offered me a ride home either (?!). Both first date and 2nd date I asked him to meet me at the place. I was thinking I would ask him to pick me up from my place this time. What do you think?

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  • Hey Anonymous!

    Its a guys job to come up with plans when you are dating, may be he is not coming up with anymore as its been just 3 days and he doesn't wanna seen desperate. Or me be his interest level dropped for some reason.

    So now all I can suggest you is to be patient and get him out of your head otherwise you would look weak and desperate!

    • Thank you thank you thank being patient is the key haha

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  • he got bored.

  • lost interest.

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