What do I do from here, and what do I read?

So I have been working with this guy for a while now and we casually joked around and such, and one day I asked him for his number and we once in a while text and he isn't much of a replier/texter. So one day after work, I asked him if I did something to bother him or annoy him because he isn't replying, and he said no, I am just a bitch when it comes to replying, and then I asked him if he wanted to go for coffee, and he said sure, so we went for coffee after that for an hour,..and when I got home and I asked him if he wanted to go hang out the following week, so we put up a mutual place, and at noon, and he was bang on time there, and I got into his car and we went and had tea, and he opened my doors, even my car doors(from inside) and such, and he paid for my tea, and then I said well lets go play some pool, and we drove all the way across the city to go play some pool, and I asked him when we were having tea if he would do this with other people at work, and he said no, it is not like that, and then when we went to play pool, he said I'll be right back and he went to pay without even telling me, and then we played pool, and I offered to pay for bowling, so we played a game of bowling, and then I paid for it, and then we went out for dinner, and he wouldn't even let me see the check, or anything and he had his card out before the check even came... but I don't know what signs to read from this or if we should even hang out again...during the superbowl, he was drinking and the next day I called him up and asked him what his next day off was and he said tomorrow, and I said well do you wanna do something, and he said "i don't know" and I said well what about during the evening and he said well family dinners are every day during that day, and I want to re cooperate during the day, so I don't know what's going on... We had so much fun on hanging out, and he is a really nice guy but I don't want to annoy him so I don't know what to do.

The next day during work, him and his buddy kept coming around the CS and talking to me, and when I asked him if he can go and get me a coffee that my friend was making(she works at a coffee shop) he went and got it without making a fuss,


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  • Yea he's probably into you, esp if he's taken you out multiple times now and payed for some of them. Like I'd only pay for a meal etc. Or take a girl out if I liked her. It sounds like you really like him and there's nothing wrong with that but at this point its early and you should be careful not to rush things. If you can't hang out everyday try once every other. Juat try not to push him but certainley stay in touch, he'll be your's in no time I'm sure :)


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  • I think that maybe he likes you but isn't quiet sure how far he is ready to take it. You guys just hung out like friends, but if he was ready to make "the move" he would. I am in the same boat and not really sure about this guy I hooked up with the other night, but I've know him for years and he kept looking at me and kinda smiling and then starring from across the room and would turn his head when he saw me look... SO I don't know lol.

    But I do think that this is into you, but just a little unsure ya know? My advice is to not ask him anymore if he is annoyed by you or if you had done something wrong. Don't ignore him, but stop asking him to hang out every free chance he gets. Wait a few days and get a group of people together and in a casual co-worker, office talk (you know around Coffee in the office) just mention your plans...with the people you have plans with...in front of him and then just ask him if he would like to join in that night and see what he says. If he says, sure I'll let you know, then just say awesome and leave it at that. If he doesn't respond to the invitation until the last minute then just ask him again the day you are all going...something like, hey we are meeting up at...Chili's...around 6pm for drinks and then maybe out to...a local bar...just in case you have your night free. Then just leave it at that. Don't hound him or bother him about it. Let him come to you. that is what I am doing. I wanna hook up with this guy again so bad and he looked like he really liked me yesterday and that was our first time seeing one another since our hookup, but I can't text him and ask what are we doing. Luckily for me thought my birthday is this Friday and he is my siblings roomate and I am staying with my sibling this weekend :) so my answer will be there! Good luck!

    • What makes you think he's into me?

    • He was telling me about how he lost his virginity at 20 and he is now 21, and he has only slept with 2 girls, he is also very shy but I guess I will just casually talk to him again instead of asking him to hang out. I don't know if I ruined things already or not, he seemed really nice on our hang out though! Like he was a real gentlemen and I don't know if he did that because he was into me or what... confusing =(

    • Yea, it is confusing, but I think he is into you because of how nice he was to you. Either he just wants to be friends or is just a little nervous you know. Guys don't usually go out of their way to be so nice to a girl if they aren't into them. If you really are interested in him then maybe just ask him out or just have the talk with him. It is hard I know but it might be a good thing.