What do you think of online dating?

Have you tried meeting someone online?

did it work? yes? no?

what was the experience like?

did you actually meet face-to-face? if so how did that go?

just curious of others opinions of it.

ive been getting a mix bag of answer to this my self
It works out great!
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It might work out.
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Could go either way.
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It might not work out.
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It dose not work at all!
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+1 y
Wow I got front paged, cool!

What if you have seen the person like on skype or similar chat?

It sounds like a lot of people were just deluded by false images or old pictures.

would that make it any better since you know what you are getting into?
+1 y
Im getting an interesting curve from the answers.
What do you think of online dating?
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