Are we just friends?

I met this guy about 18 months ago and we hit it off straight away. We tend to see each other most days through work and have gotten pretty close on a couple of nights out and we are now good friends. Well anyways now we speak most days normally initiated by him, however the only time something happens is when we are on a night out. although no sex

He is currently in a difficult on/off relationship and doesn't seem to have many friends and we have become quite close. He always helps me out when I need him no matter for what reason or what time and most of our conversations are initiated by him. I know its not a lot of information but just wanted an opinion as to whether men can just be friends with a girl


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  • I think men can be just friends with a female. I have several guy friends -NO SEX- just friends. At one point one of my best friends was a guy...I think it is great being able to call a guy up and ask for dating advice...always helps to have another point of view

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