How do you act around girls?

alrightt so answer what you can/want! thanks :)

1) if you didn't want to straight out say that you care about a girl what are things you would say/text to girls to get that message across?

2) when a guy sends you a lot of smile faces during your texting convos does that mean your making him happy or he's just happy in general?

3) what makes a girl special to you or makes you want to treat her differently than other girls?

4) how can you tell a guy likes you if he's long distance?


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  • 2) depends lol I always thought they meant something but some guys actually do just use a lot of smilies. but yea it usually means that what you're saying is making him happy, and some guys use them to show that theyre interested in talking to you or when theyre flirting.

    4) distance shouldn't make that big of a deal, if he likes you he'll talk to you just like any other closer guy will talk to you. he'll make the effort to ask about how you're doing and your day and he'll make time for you even if you guys don't see each other

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