Where the heck can I even find any girls my age?

I'm trying everything that I can to find a girl for a date, even as a friend. But it's still never happening for me. Being turned down by them when I see them (can't even be friends with them either!) isn't the worst part, but not being able to find any of them is where it fails. I'm getting close to the end of my rope with it too.

I try to meet any female friends at school and ask to hang out, but that never ever seems to happen. They're always out of reach outside of school.

Even any little activity groups in which I hang out at don't have any girls around my age.

I even try asking family and friends to help find a girl for me, but still it doesn't happen.

What am I to do when girls not only play hard to get, but play out of reach?


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  • Honestly, after hearing enough of these stories I think some guys just have that thing that makes girls attracted to them and some guys don't. I don't mean to sound pessimistic, but if you're 21 or older and you have failed to have some kind of dating experience and you're not intentionally abstaining then something is wrong. Now, I don't know how to fix whatever is causing your particular problems but I do know it has nothing to do with "superficial" things. I have seen good looking guys with great jobs and their own place who are seemingly well adjusted people who also fail spectacularly with women. Sorry to say this, but I really don't know.


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  • well its all about patience. I'm single a lot and for long periods of time. well I'm just personality waiting for college. college is full of all kinds of people and lots of them. so everybody is bound to find someone good there. I just have 1more year and I am so outta here. so if your in high school just know college is right around the corner :D

  • If your 21 and up have you tried bars, clubs? Those girls are usually more outgoing and will be easier for you to approach them. If your under 21 than I suggest you try the library, computer lab at your school. Get into an organization, or try community service stuff..Act confident, nice, and fun, and girls will be all over you.

    • Yes, I'm over 21. But I'm not even sure of any places like that around here. I'm on my own in another city and that seems kinda unsafe for me.

      I check those two places at my school, but they're always in a big hurry to do something or go somewhere else.

      Again, not only do they play hard to get, but also play hard to find.

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  • 'find a girl for a date, even as a friend'? WTF!?, a girl can be your date, or your friend, not both! Be more challenging, unpredictable, exciting, less supplicating, and when you ask them out say it like 'lets go for coffee'

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