How do you know if ur a good kisser?

how do you know if ur a good kisser? are there any specific ways to tell?


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  • You can assume that if nobody relays the message saying you're a bad kisser you must be a good kisser lol. THis may seem whorish but kissing different guys can help give you a variety in kissing. Like kissing people who use a lot of tongue, nibble on the bottom lip, keep their mouth open more, people who close their mouth a lot in between, etc. Then you can do different things when you kiss to keep it interesting. You kinda just have to try something and read the person to find out what they like.

    • Maybe that's why you use the lips as your user pic. lol! You've done a lot of kissing with a variety of guys.

    • Lol. Someone's got jokes lol. I never said I have kissed a variety of guys. I've had a fair share. I'm not going to lie kissing is my favorite thing to do. it's a turn off to me if a guys a bad kisser so I try to think of the other persons perspective..I wouldn't want to be a turn off lol.

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