What do you do if you kissed your boyfriend on the cheek sort of and all he says is OK bye?

well me and my boyfriend were here in the hall at school and I was thinking of ways I can finally get him to kiss me but I get to shy and bail but when I went to hug him I kissed him on the cheek sort of well really it was next to his ear and all he said was OK bye...what do I do?

i did what people sugessted...they said to tlk to him and I did so then he got mad and said I was bing rude and I turned around mad very mad and kissed his best friend what the hell do I do now?!?!?!?
well he forgave me but then he asked something so bad I don't know what to say he proposed and I said ill think about it the ring was beautiful and he said he loved me but right after I found out he slept with one of my frens a couple times what do I do
what also do I do if sher think she prego and the bby is his? I'm pissed but I like him a lot what the hell do I do ppl
ok people I'm not prego my mom took me to the doctor and and I'm gud but the doctor said tht if I have sex then it might lead to a bby next time...but I'm all gud I'm happy and I have a new boyfriend and he is sexier than my last and he said hell wait till I'm ready
yay so happy :)


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  • awesome hun

  • wow then he must have a bad temper...maybe wait a few days...make him feel guilty for kissing his best friend

  • lol lol...you haven't kissed your boyfriend yet...well to answer your question just talk to him about it k? good luck

    • i don't think I can I'm a little embarresed to tlk to him and not funny I tried

  • how old are you first and ask yourself if you want to spend the rest of your life with him

    • im accually 17 going on 18 and wwtf do I do because it is like ... well I found out she is prego and it pisses me off and it is his bby so what the fawk do I do I need help and if I'm prego then imma b pissed my doc thinks it is my "woman probs" but he said it might b more...help...

    • if I were you I would forget him let him screw up his life and if you are prego thn ask your parents for help they can help you through this