When a guy calls a female his best friend and they always hang together what does it mean?

what do it mean when a female and a male is always together but the guy say she is just his best friend but sometimes show diffrent signs that he acts like her boyfriend it's confussing can someone please help me out with this one


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  • It's a catch 22 but I will tell you this...outta most male/female friendships either they have had sex, having sex or waiting on the other to finally give in for sex. I am just being honest, I have a friend that I have no interest in but if you saw us out, you would probably think that we are an item (even tho he may convo with other females) but we have never and will never. You know why we won't/didn't...because I am the one that has no interest in it.

    Men has always told me that it's almost impossible to be friends w/the opposite sex and that bothered me for many years. But, over those years I have come to realize that they have been telling me the truth. As women, we say that that is just bulls*** but in reality it's the truth. Would you have ever thought that in year 2011 there would be more females up for FWB than men? It's crazy but it's also the truth. I hope someone comes to debate me about this because if so it will go to show that they are once again not listening because I did say "Most" m/f friendships. Let me know what you are thinking, would love to know...Take care til then!

  • He is having sex with her. Or wants to.