My ex is trying to figure out his living situation?

My ex broke up with me about 2 months ago. We are both 20 and were together 2 years. It was extremely emotional for him to finally break it, but bottom line he felt differently about me. It was a great relationship and he seemed to really care for me, always wanted to spend time with me. But ya know, it burns out quick. Especially when you're young. He is going through some major life changes/maybe existential crisis?

I texted him about a month ago asking how he was, and we had a brief conversation but I ended up deleting his number because I still felt deeply hurt, I just wasn't ready. Fast forward to a month after that, he texts me hey how's it going, and I tell him briefly about my life. He acknowledges me, then starts telling me how his parents are moving away in August and he's looking for somewhere to live "so he doesn't end up homeless haha". He has a job but it's not much more than minimum wage. I keep things polite but brief, asking him about his family- and he says they are all too far, but he has "plenty of friends" he can stay with for a bit. (He really doesn't have a lot- especially those who would let him stay over)

He wants to stay close by so he can continue with his band since they want to pursue music. When we were together, he mentioned a few times if it would ever be possible to move into my guest room. I said maybe, if there was a bathroom, then later I said it couldn't happen cause he wouldn't be able to play drums. So I thought that was that.

Now I'm thinking he was "fishing" to see what I would say. He did not pursue any other conversation besides what he was telling me about his living situation, and I don't feel responsible to change the topic... he was always so eager to move out from his home when we were together. Could he really be fishing after all I said about "it's not possible"? Or just making bad conversation?
My ex is trying to figure out his living situation?
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