Do you think she is into me even though she has a boyfriend?

there is this one girl in my latin class and every now and then she will see me in the halls and call my name out and come up to me with a smile and start talking.whenever she talks to me she always has eye contact and she always seems like she smiles a lot around me.she also doesn't care if she touches me.for example we had to take a class picture and she was in the front row with me and she pulled me down next to her by my arm and was smiling at me.i don't know if these are signs that she could be starting to like me or if she is just being nice to me? she also has a boyfriend.any advice from men or women? I'm also 16


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  • Well if her and her boyfriend are serious probably not but if she is casualy dating him then she might be I don't know your circumstances


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