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I totally screwed up on our date and get why I'm being ghosted. Would it be weird to send this message?

Went on a date with someone I had so much in common with, we were getting along great. He said it was great and to let him know when I want to meet up again.

When I get nervous, I word vomit, talk fast and loud. This was the first date I'd been on in 6 years. I was beyond excited, but also beyond nervous. In my nervousness, I brought up my finances (we were discussing our jobs) and my most recent ex and how unstable (literally, like.. he has schizoaffective disorder) he was and how he used his sister to broke up with me.. I said all this after he asked me who broke up with who after he asked me how long ago my last relationship was.

Thing is, I am very happy to not be with my ex anymore, like it was a very unhealthy relationship and I had been considering ending things for over a year. I'm not hung up on him and the story about him using his sister to break up with me was a total blindside thing where they lied and said we were going to discuss my exes drinking problem. Obviously, without context, I sound like a totally baggage-ridden, missing my ex kind of woman.

I'm happy in my life, but I am ready to meet someone new.
So, in my screwing up the date and face-palming the whole ride home, he texted right after and said he had a great time and wanted me to visit his town.
Then ghosted. A week later, would it be weird to send him a text saying I understand the ghosting, I won't contact him again, but I wanted to explain that I just wasn't on my a-game during the date and a total nervous wreck who completely word vomited and brought up things that should never brought up on a date.
that I realize my embarrassing mistake, but before parting ways I just wanted to let him know I'm really not this loud, belligerent, uneducated woman with no social graces. and apologize for seeming so.

would this be too much or okay to send, guys, your opinions?

Like, I don't expect a response, but for my embarrassed sake, I'd like to clear the air. What do you think? Too much?
I totally screwed up on our date and get why I'm being ghosted. Would it be weird to send this message?
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