Guys, how would you feel about dating a girl that's a mom?

So I'm starting to have a thing for this girl, and I'm telling her how pretty I think she is and asking how her day was, etc... THEN she says that "theres something I need to say first before this goes anywhere". So I get really nervous right? I'm asking myself what she's going to say next... sure enough she admits she has a 9 month old daughter...

Her daughter doesn't live with her because she gave her up to some foster parents who would take better care for her (I think it was a right decision), and the dad doesn't give a damn about her or his own daughter. So he's out of the picture.

I'm a little unsure of where to take our relationship now, but it gives a BIG advantage, because I can show her how much more of a man I can be compared to her last f***ing loser ex boyfriend and I could honestly sweep her off her feet by being a real boyfriend OR I could just think dating a (pre?)mature mom is a little too much for me..

if you were in my shoes, what would you do? by the way, yes she's hella cute and she does have a smokin body.

girls oppinions would help too :)


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  • Ouch tricky situation. If it were me I would give her a shot, its not like it really changes your life style right? However, in all honesty had she kept the baby I probably wouldn't even gave her "a time of the day". Because I'm neither fit to support a family, nor am I conditioned to be a father and parental figure at this point my life. I say, if you think it may lead somewhere its worth giving a shot.


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  • you know yourself the best. If you really like her (not just for her "smokin body" lol) go for it. Especially since the baby doesn't live with her, and has other parents, Less responsibility. As long as you are mature enough, and are comfortable with it, then go it.

    • well that's the thing, I don't know if I am comfortable. I've never dated a girl that's a mom before lol

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    • i honestly feel like I have a damn good chance with her, I feel like I can go the distance with her. I just don't want to dig a hole that I can't get out of. know what I mean?

    • yeah, but if you feel that way I think you should still try, sometimes things don't work out, that's life and people know that. Its understandable. Much less then not trying for it. :)

  • I would still date her - just cause she had a baby - big deal - life happens, show her what a real man feels and acts like!

  • I am a mom and yes I do have a smoking hot body and people don't believe me when I say I have a 6 month old son at home and no dad but I'm independent, I balance my work life, mom life and dating life. Yes I must admit that it's uncomfortable to say that I have a kid and as young as he is but I feel a sense of pride knowing that I din't give him up because I can support us both. No the reason why I'm saying this is, it's already hard dealing with the fact that we may have a child and the father doesn't care and not around but to try to move on and have another relationship and be not worthy to date or should be made a poll question because I have a child, that hurts because at the end of the day there are only a few men that would say my girlfriend left me and I have a child and I have to support it , we women would look at this man as good material because he's man enough to stick around, but yet when we women say it, what are we, used goods or as the the person who asked the question put it "pre mature moms"? Come on fellas you think you sound like men but I don't think so, your the type that put sweet smoking hot girls like the girl your speaking about and all the other young moms in the SINGLE MOM position. The person who post this question, nothing is wrong being skeptical or needing advice but you need to be sensittve with the matter and not make it a joke and you yourself inside should know what to do because after all the child is basically not around.


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  • There are many single moms out there who want to date a guy. Sadly, many guys out there wouldn't consider them since the kid takes time away from the mom to go out on dates with guys.

    In other words, single moms are definitely on the disadvantage when compared to single girls who have no kids yet.

    I, personally, wouldn't mind dating a girl who has 1 kid. If she has 2 kids, meh, unsure. 3 kids or more and that's probably enough for her to handle that her dating life would be kept at a minimum.

    So as far as I see it, I would date this girl. Go ahead and do it - get to know her, let her talk about her daughter. And whatever you do, don't let your penis talk.

  • I'd be way into it. If I dated, I'd probably rather it if the girl had a daughter, to be honest.