What are your dating habits? How many first dates have you had?

I am wondering how often people go on first dates especially people in college or just out of college. I see it overly exaggerated on television like sex&thecity, but how much is really true. Do guys ask a lot of girls out and go on serial dates till they meet the right girl and vice versa?

I'm also curious to know what is the average time span of your relationships. 1 month, 2month, 6 month or 1 year. as well as how long it took you both to date before being in that relationship and then how long before you start dating again after you broke up.

Not asking anything too personal, but I'm wondering what people's track record are like in their 20's.


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  • How many first dates? Whew--thousands. If a girl has it all together, physically/emotionally, I'll break off my casual relationships. Otherwise, a few dates a week. A few a day if I'm on the rebound.

    My short-term relationships tend to last 30-45 days, long-term, 3-5 years. The 45-day mark tends to determine whether I want to get in a relationship or out of it. By then, we've been dating about twice a week for about six weeks.


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  • I have long term relationships.


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  • I get asked out often, but I never really find a connections with these random boys who ask me out. I usually like being friends first!

    I definitely think sex and the city is exaggerated though (I mean, sarah jessica park is so ugly!). I think the "getting to know" part, for me, usually lasts a few weeks before we're actually in a relationship. I've also just gotten out of high school, so the only serious relationship I've been in, was 9 months and we both still love each otherdistance is just an issue right now.

    So I dunnno if for you, 9 months would be considered long or short, but for me that seems pretty long.

    And to start dating after breaking up, all depends on you. Like as to what you're feeling, how long you were dating the person.

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