How do you stop developing crushes on older guys?

90% of my crushes are always on guys 20+. Being under 18, I, of course, can't act on any of them and it's getting annoying that 1: I always like guys I can't be with, and 2: I'm seemingly unable to like guys my own age.


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  • Generally speaking, I think it's impossible to control your feelings like you are hoping for. You can't just "unlike" someone for no reason. Your brain feels the way it feels. Some processes are just automatic. Like I bet you never thought of a duck smoking a cigar rowing down a river singing Fergalicious, but hey-- now you just did. Emotions are a longer/more gradual process, but it's the same idea.

    What you can control are your actions though. These in turn have effects on our emotions. Honestly, the only real practical options I can imagine are...
    1.) Hang out less with guys 20+.
    2.) Hang out with more guys around your age.

    We can split crushes into two parts: physical attraction and emotional attraction.
    Physical attraction is pretty instantaneous. We see someone. We find them cute or not. Can't help that. If you happen to find older guys more attractive than guys your age, that's something you may be stuck with.
    Emotional attraction (aka attraction to personality) is naturally going to be dependent on knowing someone's personality. If you don't get to know a guy, you won't his personality as much, and you'll be less likely to have that attraction to him.

    In a sense though, it's best to recognize and acknowledge the crushes as they form. I'd try and avoid any senses of guilt over the matter, since in my opinion it's not something to feel guilty about. Not saying you would or do, but I can think of a friend that has gone through that before, and she ended up doing all sorts of negative behaviors as a response to feelings of shame. It's just a bad road to go down.

  • There is no rush to be in a relationship specially at your age you have more important things to worry about like choosing what you want to do with the rest of your life. just wait till your old enough and you won't have any problems you can't stop crushes either all a crush is really you wanting something you no you can't have because people always want stuff they can't have and there is no stopping that.

  • You are that same guy acting as a little girl? Who’s a pervert that’s obsessed with underage girls. Truly vile.

    • 8 d ago

      Uh, what?

      Considering I have no clue who you're talking about, I'm gonna have to go with no, I'm not him.

    • 8 d ago

      I really don’t think a girl would ask this question. Many people like older. But liking underage girls is not ok.

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