This guy drunk texted me last night... wanting me to go over?

I was kinda bitchy because it was already late.. I also let him know that I was pissed that he had told some friends about us when we had agreed not to.. I wasn't being nice at the time but did tell him I would have gone over if he had given me more time. I didn't know he was drunk at the time of the texts, but now I know he was. After reading the texts today he texts me things like If I am the one who was opening my mouth and I better watch what I say in front of people... WTF... I am like dude, do you even know how to read your messages.. uggg. so mad.

please guys and girls answer. It's really had me down. I am not the type of person to kiss and tell. Or to gossip or talk about other peoples business.


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  • Yes, I've found that for women one of the worst sins is being a gossip. I don't see any reason to go easy on him; he betrayed you and will no doubt do that again!.

    Go with whatever the maximum sentence is for you, for this behavior!


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  • Most of us have done some stupid things when we were drunk. Tell him to hide his phone next time, or give it to a friend. I learned my lessen long ago with drunk texting and calling. About him blaming you for telling.. Maybe he was trying to get you mad so you'd come over.. Sounds odd but I had a guy do it to me before.

    • No he wasn't texting mad stuff till this morning.. He was no longer drunk.. I asked him wtf he was talking about.. because he told me to shut my mouth about him.. Um hello! I never opened it in the first place. He is so weird.

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