Do only players pursue girls that are standoffish?

I've read this opinion a couple times on GAG. So...assuming that a girl is intentionally being aloof because she believes that she will scare a boy away by showing the slightest degree of interest, would you say that only a player would pick up on this and go for the kill?


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  • as a rule no but as a generality yes definitely. If I think a girl I like isn't interested in me I move on very quickly, why would I want to invest myself into a futile endeavor when I could chase someone who is actually into me.

    • So you wouldn't assume she could be shy, just that she's not interested?

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    • players are people too. the thing is tho in order to be a player you have to uninvest your emotions, so you don't risk hurt from rejection, you appear confident because your not nervous since your emotions/ego is not on the line and you don't care who you hurt as long as you get what you want.

    • I see. After reading your description of it, I think one of my male friends ended up turning into a player.

  • i wouldn't necessarily say players, because they will move on just as quickly if not quicker since they just looking for an easy fling.

    its pretty hard to tell the difference between a shy girl, and a standoffish girl, especially if they are pretty because you would expect them to be outgoing.

    • An easy fling? Like, a one-time thing, or something that lasts a few weeks?

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