How do I ask him to be my Valentine?

I really like him and he might like me back. He says we should hang out but we haven't yet outside of school and we text sometimes. Should I ask him to be my valentine? If so, how? Thanks(:

Thank you guys so much(: he said yes! I just wrote it on a sheet of paper all cute like and gave it to him after school and he said yes (((((: heehee


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  • Yeah go ahead. Best way to approach the guy is to walk right up and get to the point quickly, if you start with the small talk you'll chicken out.

    • So just be like "hey wanna be my valentine?" and that's it? Will it work? I'm not doubting you by I've never done this before...

    • Yeah pretty much. I won't guarantee that it will work but I do think that it is the best way.

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