He has a girlfriend (according to his facebook) but we've been hanging out a lot lately.

Basically, I went to his FB profile and it said he was in a relationship. When I see him on Sunday nights, he's not with her, and acts totally single. We both have been going to a youth group for a while, but just these past 3 weeks, out of no where, he's just always around me and hanging out with me and couple other people.. It's kind of like he's flirting almost, I guess? but during the Superbowl, there was a commercial for Pepsi Max when the guy was thinking in his head something like "I wanna have sex with her," And the guy I know, with a bunch of other guys said, let's do that to her so she can feel uncomfortable. ~I however found it funny.

Why is he flirting and hanging out with me all of a sudden?! Haha, it's not like I mind or anything. Him and his girlfriend have been going out since January of this year.. so.. :\


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  • Because he is a player. But don't worry, kids that age aren't looking for anything long-term. They like to play around and sleep around. Not such a safe idea considering all the std's going around, but whatever floats their boat. I don't encourage it, but it's not affecting me. So, whatever!

    Anyways, you are young. If you want to be happy, kick him to the curb. If he will do this to his current girlfriend, he will do this to you if the two of you start seeing each other. Guys like this think they are just oh, so cool! But no, they're really setting a bad reputation for themselves.

    You will have plenty of heartbreaks before you find the one, and our teen years are definitely the worst. However, it is just a part of growing up that you become immune to after a while. You live, and you learn. Eventually, you learn to spot the bad guys and run far, far away from them. It takes a strong woman to do that, but I suggest that you run! (If you don't want to set yourself up for heartbreak)

    • No no no, he's not a player, nor is he sleeping around with anyone, that I know for sure. I know his mom, she would never, I repeat never let that happen. hahaha.

    • My mom never would had let me lost my virginity, but I made the mistake on my own. Lived and learned. Mommy's not always there to hold our hand. Things happen when parents aren't around. How old are you guys anyways?

    • I'm 16, he's 15.

  • Hanging out & flirting are two different things, so you shouldn't take him as hanging out with you as flirting.

    But if he is flirting and crossing boundaries with you, just know he would do the same to you.

    • I'm not saying that just hanging out IS flirting. I know they're two different things, but he smiles at me and tries to make me laugh every time he's around me. Besides, he's a year and a few months younger than me... If that makes any difference. lol.