Is it just making small talk? "We should hang out sometime"?

A couple days ago, this guy in my school that I've liked for a while IMed me on facebook. We'd never talked before IRL, but we had a pretty good, albeit sort of stilted/awkward IM conversation for about an hour.

Anyway, maybe 20 minutes into the conversation, he was like, "we should hang out or talk sometime". And I nearly shat myself, haha, I was super excited, but I just said, "yeah, that seems cool :)" And then there was a bit of an awkward silence, so I sort of steered the conversation in a semi-related direction.

The thing is, he didn't mention it again in the conversation, or ask for my number, and we haven't really seen each other around school since. He hasn't talked to me again on FB either. (although he did "like" my picture, hahaha)

So was the whole "we should hang out" thing just a farce? Is it just making small talk? Or did he actually mean it? Was it possible that my response to it kind of discouraged him?

I tend to ove ranalyze stuff. :/


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  • well I hooked up with a guy Friday who apparently "likes me" but we didn't talk till Wednesday when he randomly got my number from somewhere. I only said hi twice in the hallway but I never see him at school. so don't give up they come to you if they really want to