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I think im gonna lose my mind, I dont know what to do?

I have plans to break up with my boyfriend cause i do not feel that interested anymore, if u have read my previous question you will know why. I've dated him for 23 days now. Its a long distance one. I met him before we started dating. His status , looks, etc now sorta affects me. I asked my bff to know if he is worth me and if he would ever cheat on me. My friend agreed and she tried but he is so damn f***king innocent. He doesn't know what sub and dom is and many more. I have lost hope. I dont wanna break up under a month. I dont wanna feel slutty. In the past 6 months I've had the only 3 relationships including this one. Im new to dating and relationships. My 1st boyfriend was for a day well i broke up with him, 2nd one we liked each other since jan, dated in march for 17 f**king days, it was somewhat long distance and when we could have met each other he never took the efforts. I loved him so much and then i finally moved on to this guy who is too innocent well im his 1st girlfriend and first kiss, his looks are below my standard and previous 2 bf's. I really sound like horrible person but i can't help it. I really need help. I dont know how to get over the guilt, break up without a mess and live peacefully but i just dont know how.
I think im gonna lose my mind, I dont know what to do?
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