What is going to happen?

Me and my boyfriend been dating for almost 7 months on October 8th, so anyways within the first 2 months there was no fighting we were perfect so happy. but then my sisters sister moved in and she was 13 and I hate her so I been very mad and have a lot of anger so then we started fighting but because of my anger. so then when we dated for 3 months we broke up becasue e wrote this girl a message I dint like and he said if I dint like it we were over so we broke up. then we got back together. so then we were fighting every weekend ( I only see him on the weekends because of school) so anyways then it had been like 5 months and we almost broke up but then he found out I was really mad because a little girl molested my brother. so he understand and he almost cryed so then like 2 weeks later he dint really want to see me because he dint want to fight that weekend and he wanted to stay relaxed so, I said if we fight I would see you the week after that he said okay. so then I saw him and now its been like 3 weeks and we haven't fought! we were both so happy. so I tryed calling him thurday that just passed and he never anwsered so I called him in school today and he said he went to bed at 9. so I was like you huh. so then we were fine. so I said do you want to see me today. he said no saturday. I said why. he said saturday. so I was like baby my mom will drive me tonight because she has to pick up my brothers friend jeremy and she don't want to drive saturday then sunday again so why not friday. he said no friday. I said babys its either today or no. he said well then ill see you next week.

i felt like crying because of this and my little sister ran away and she hasn't called in a week and I don't know if she is okay or not. and my mom is working so much I only see her 2 days a week plus the little girl plus I'm not close with my dad.

What do I do?

or what he trying to do or what?

i don't know and I'm confused and want to cry.

please help


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  • First of all I assure you that your family problems are far more important and dangerous than your relationship. I'm sorry but I think he's trying to give you hints that it isn't working out. I'm sorry.

  • God , I konw how its feels trust me , he should try to be there for you and support you in this time , try to leave him alone for a while to figure things out , if he loves you for real he'll try his best for you .


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