Too soon for the next date?

So I met this girl online and we have been out twice for coffee, the most recent time being yesterday. At the end of the "date" yesterday I gave her a hug and she said she was up for doing anything pretty much whenever. I'd like to ask her to see a movie this weekend (either tomorrow or Sunday) since I wouldn't be able to see her until Wednesday or next Friday due to school and work. Is this too soon for the next date?


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  • I'd say it's not too soon. Sunday would be a good day I think. If she said she's free any time that means she wants to see you. You don't want to do the day after just cause then you might come off as clingy or what ever it is that you're worried about but I think Sunday would be a good day.


What Guys Said 1

  • "I would just say that you want to see her but your busy this week. Do you want to see a movie next weeK?" You have to give it some time. Let her think about you and dream about you.