When should I call or text a girl after she doesn't text back?

I met this girl last Friday and started texting her sat and we talked until she fell asleep. I next texted her on Tuesday and we talked for a while and she friend requested me on facebook which I accepted. But then I texted her Thursday but didn't get a reply. She said she had job training this week and had to take a GRE Saturday morning. So what should I do?


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  • How about you believe her? You'd been talking for a few days and you've known her a week. Unless you said something to her that freaked her out the last time you talked, just relax. People do get busy sometimes and they can't always be available. Just try texting her short messages once in a while and when she's available she'll text back (hopefully.) If you text and she doesn't respond for a few hours you can try again but really, don't get to hung up on it.