When were how and with who??

OK peoples I want to hear your stories about your first kiss! I mean the full story how it happened who it was with were give me the details guys and girls!

mine was last week. I've been to scared to kiss any guy I've gone out with I know cheezy right, but I guess I just wanted it to be well good. anyways me and my ex had been hanging out all day starting from like 8:00 am lol
the whole time we were hanging out he was always holdingme and hugging me. when just the week before I asked him out and he said he didn't want a realationship. but back to storry. the whole time I was trying to get him to like me anof were he would ask me
out again. whenever he would come up behind me I would grind on him. lol I know shut up. anyways. it was like 2:00 in the morning and I had to go inside my mom would be home soon. we were standing at my door and his friend was waiting for him so they cou
ld go inside he was spending the night there anyways, he was sitting here holding me and then his friend went god damn it we have to go just kiss her its f***ing cold! so he said I'm OK with that. even tho I was freaking out in the inside I said me too.
so he leaned in and kissed me, I swear to god there were fireworks! before he left he said out of no were he said yes and I said what do you mean yes. and he was like ill text it to you! and he texted me and asked me out and I screamed. he then after i
screamed I hadn't even texted him back yet just so you know. he texted me and asked me if I was OK. and I was like ya why? and he said well I just hurd you scream. I was like ummm. I was happy. I felt stupid after that lol. so now the first thing he does
when he sees me he goes hey screamer! or he sreams lol!


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  • My first kiss was when I was 13... at band camp!

    When I was 12, I went to band camp for the first time. I met this amazing guy named Brian, and he was 13. I didn't really think of him as much more than a close friend, but on one of the last nights of camp, he texted me right as I was getting in the shower. He told me that he really liked me, but he wasn't sure how his parents would deal with him having a girlfriend, and since we didn't go to the same school, it might not work out. After he said all that, I was really thinking about it, and I realized that I liked him... quite a bit!

    The next year rolls around, and it's time for band camp. I'd been keeping in contact with Brian throughout the year, and he still liked me.

    While I was on my way to camp, I texted Brian. CONSTANTLY!

    As soon as I got there, he pulled up too, and we ran out of the car and hugged each other and said hi. We stood in the registration line together for about 30 minutes, and he was still texting me, haha! He was telling me how much taller I'd gotten, and that he thinks I'm gorgeous. I couldn't stop smiling.

    My mom figured that he was just a friend, and he was, but not for long!

    We ate dinner together that night and ran around campus together. We were inseparable.

    My friend Taylor finally figured out that I liked Brian, and Brian started texting her. Brian was like 'I really like her and I don't think she'd go out with me if I asked her out...'. Finally, on the second night of camp, we were sitting on the stairs together, and as we got up to leave since it was getting dark, he grabbed me and in this super sweet voice, he said "Jamie, will you go out with me?"

    I'm pretty sure I almost started crying because I was THAT happy. I said yes, of course. On the third night of camp, we finally got some time alone in this room, in the upstairs of the music building. He didn't know I hadn't had my first kiss yet, and I was so scared... we were standing there and hugging, then we just kind of, kissed. It was pretty awkward but I wouldn't take it back for anything. We stayed together for 4 months, and I have to say... those 4 months were the greatest 4 months of the year for me.

    sorry for the long story.

    i just had to type all that!

    • dont be sorry I love reading love storys and all that. I think that's super cute!

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  • I don't know how old I was when it happened(maybe 9 or 10?). At that age sometimes I used to hang around my older brother and his friends. Well one of his friends had a sister (we were neighbors) who I also hung around with since I was little (I had a crush on her :$). One day we were alone in my basement after our brothers went upstairs after finishing playing nintendo. I don't really remember how but I leaned in close and we both ended closing our eyes and kissed for a few seconds. Little did I know my brother and his friend were watching us the whole time and saw it, they told everyone and I got teased about it for a few years(you know the whole cooties thing) but it was worth it :D

  • It was in a dream. Then I woke up. It sucked. lol I don't know who it was.

    • oh wow. how old are you and you haven't had your first kiss... no afence!

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    • oh I'm sorry then. or maybe you a fag? I dnt judge just a thought!

    • No. If I was a fag I would like gay p*rn.

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  • When I was 6 in kindergarden, me and the boy with the 64 pack of caryons WITH the earser(The girls totally digged him for his colors) Got married. Well My best friend Adam was the paster and we were standing there and said the I do's then he was like you guys have to kiss now! And we were like ewww! And he said his mom said for it to be official we had to. It lasted for like 8 seconds cause he wouldn't let me go! ;)

  • mine was a few months ago with my only boyfriend I've had... and I was with all my friends and he suddenly told me that he loves me and then kissed me in front of them all... it was both of our first kisses and there was definitely fireworks

  • when I was 12 I went to a concert with my youth group during new years. (my mom was one of the chaperones) and it was just after midnight on new years day and we we're all gathering at the meeting spot to go back to the hotel when the pastor's kid runs up and just kisses the girl standing next to me. my thoughts were "I didn't think she was his type" when I look up and he's heading right for me, all I had time to do is think "what the hell" and he grabbed my face and kissed me in front of everyone including my mother. it sucked, I only thought of that guy like a brother and after that he never looked me in the eye.

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