Two guys that just want me to be happy?!

Are you kidding me? I don't know who to choose my scary overprotective boyfriend, or this new guy I really like who asked me out. I was gonna pick the guy I like but my boyfriend got in the way and said things would get dirty. Now they both know about each other and I got a call from the guy that says he just wants me to be boyfriend said the same but I don't know if I believe him...What should I do?


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  • Are you serious? your boyfriend is scary overprotective & threatens you & you are deciding between him at all? WHY.

    leve him obviously. w/e you do or do not do about any other guy. leave your current boyfriend. what are you expecting people to say , did you read what you wrote?

    • No. I am just afraid of what he would do if I broke up with him.

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    • Thank you! I will try doing that! And...yes.

    • Ok very good thank you :) Good luck. Message me any time if you like:)

  • Okay let's see... "scary overprotective boyfriend" who makes threats or "this new guy I really like"?

    Sorry- I can't help with this one - it's way too complex.