We aren't allowed to date?

you guys I need help this guy looks like he likes me and I really like him too but in our religion we aren't allowed all this dating and talking to different guys and girls and now in modern days it happens no one listens to the rules and I really don't know if he is shy and if I do try to ask him out I don't want him to tell my parents cause that would cause problems so what do I do I really like and don't want to loose him?


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  • What religion are you? I think you need to talk to him and figure out what he thinks about dating before asking him out. I have a friend who was trained as a hafiz (someone who memorizes the Qur'an) and even he believes in dating and has dated quite a few women so you never know unless you ask. If he doesn't believe in dating then you need to move on and not worry about it.

  • Oh look, religeon causing more problems.


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