Should I go back to my ex or date this new guy?

I was with my Ex for 6 yrs. We've been apart for 2 yrs. I dated a new guy for a yr, nothing serious. My ex figd I was moving on, so he began seeing someone who is now his GF. Recently, we've been talkin more about our break up. I explained I started dating someone because I didn't think he wanted me back. He explained he moved on because he didn't think I wanted him back! He tells me he still has feelings for me, I do too. We talk daily-phone/text/internet. (which he initiates) We haven't seen each other in a yr. He wants to see me, but I refuse because he has a GF. I don't interfere with his Relationship. I know him pretty well that I can almost bet he's not happy. I just don't understand why he hasn't left her? I know men can be prideful... If you were in this situation would you continue with your new relationship to see where it goes? or Would you take a chance & go back to the one you know you love & have a bond with?

(Our break up wasn't due to cheating or anything like that, it was a stressful time during his life & he needed time to himself)

*Thoughts/Advice appreciated! Thanx!

  • Stick with the New relationship & see where it goes..ya never know.
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  • Go back to the Ex..& be with the one I know I love & loves me.
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  • I've had a similar situation and have found that it's better to move on. It's good that you're able to have a civil relationship again -- keep it that way!

    Unless you feel like your future belongs with each other, stick to your guns and move on. No reason why you two can't help each other out into the future.


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