Guys, would you date a girl who is pregnant?

My best friend is expecting, and she wants to know what guys think about pregnant girls. Please be respectful but honest, though. Thanks!


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  • I would date a women with a child but if she made a mistake at a young age I wouldn't date her. I would wait until she got her life straight. She is going to be facing a lot of hardships and will probably be missing out on her youth because of this baby. I don't want to be part of her mistakes.


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  • No. Nothing more to really say.

  • Agree with shacodraco. Wouldn't, especially if she's under 18. I know it isn't the best thing to hear but honesty is more appreciated than lies.

    • She's over 18, has a job, vehicle, etc. She was just curious.

  • not really, especially if she's under 18.

    • She's over 18 actually.

  • What's a pregnant girl doing dating?

  • Rule #1: No Children.

    ...sorry but it's a HUGE turn-off to guys, especially if your baby is a boy.


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  • Really she is pregnant and her question is if guys will date her now we know why she is preganant haha

    Guys will not date a pregnant women why would they?

    • Whatever, Bitch. :) You're just jealous that you aren't going to be as great of a mother as she is. Three words for you darling... GO TO HELL :)

    • Um look here WINCH I am a great mother of 2 and my first thought is NOT weather a guy will date me its What do my KIDS need sorry not jealous of your skanky friend. (been married 5 years) eat crow

  • She should be more concerned about her child, not about guys.

    • I agree, this is exactly what I thought when I read this question.

    • She's not worried about guys, she was just wondering what guys think about pregnant girls. Goes to show how much someone ignorant would know. Oh and by the way, since you responded, maybe you should change your sex on the profile to male because it was addressed to GUYS. :) K? Thanks! You don't sit there and try to insult MY best friend. Not happening.

    • I seriously don't care. All I said was that she should be more concerned about her child. That's all. I'm not insulting anyone. That's just my opinion. This website is for anyone to ask/answer. You can't single someone out because of their sex.

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