Do you think dating websites are useful?

i've heard a lot of pros and cons about dating websites, such as eharmony,, etc...are they really useful? or are they all scams?

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I tried okcupid and did not like it at all. currently on plentyoffish; let's see how it goes!


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  • No because they cause most women, and probably some men, to approach dating like buying a car. I want these options, this color, these accessories, etc.

    Advertisements, especially those for eHarmony, create this imaginary world where women think they will find prince charming right away. So they create a profile and hold out for what they think is the perfect man. When he doesn't show up, they get frustrated. Meanwhile lots of great guys on those sites have no luck because all the women are holding out for "the one".


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  • I think if you rely solely on online dating you're going to be very frustrated. It's not a very reliable way to get dates consistently. However, if you have not been on a date in a while or don't have very good luck in that area of life, it really can't hurt to go on a dating website. For younger people I would suggest one of the free ones like Okcupid.

  • I am on one at the moment. Without sounding too arrogant, I am a nice looking guy, funny, kind and intelligent (with flaws also). I have had no luck online. I think girls over analyze every message. I email "Hi, how's it going?" and I'm probably seen as boring. I hate it so much

  • I think is really good to be honest. They are a new site, with tons of features, totally free! I was amazed, they have only real people, no fake accounts and no spam. Some of the features include video/audio chat, blogs, forums, videos, and some dating advice collections for men and women. Definitely worth a look imo. Good luck!

  • I would recomend avoiding pay sites, small free sites or plenty of fish.

    The only one I would recomend is okcupid.

    Also online dating only works if you the female replys to guys or actively picks and mails guys that you like first.


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  • I know a couple who met on eharmony and got married. I was always wary of the internet myself, but when I moved to another country I signed up for a free site (okcupid), and I met someone pretty quickly (4 guys I met in the span of a month, we clicked immediately, and have been together for a few months now). I think the free sites are more difficult to navigate around the undesirables, but if you can figure out what to look out for it can be worthwhile.

    I've heard a lot of men have trouble getting responses from women on free sites, though, so they tend to give up. Probably because there are a lot of people on the free sites who aren't serious about meeting people, and some people just like the ego boost of knowing someone is interested in them. For a woman it's much easier from what I've heard, but again, you've really got to know what you're looking for and weed out the bad ones.

    I'd say if you're serious about trying online dating, you should sign up for a free site first, like OkCupid. Like eharmony and match it will tell you how compatible you are with men, based on a series of user-made questions and a dating profile quiz. If you have trouble finding serious guys on it, then try one of the paying sites like eharmony and match. They aren't scams, but how well they work depends entirely on how truthful you are about who you are and what you want. Personally, I view it as the paying sites are for the more mature who want to get something long term and serious, but the free sites are for people looking to date, maybe with an eye for something serious, but by no means looking for marriage.

    Sorry for the epic long answer, I hope this helps. I asked a similar question not too long ago, and found that men all answered that online dating was a waste of time, but they all cited the free sites, not the paying ones.