If your dating someone, is it okay to flirt with other people?

So I have a very bubbly and playful personality, and my friends brought to my attention that I seem to be flirting with some of the guys that I work with. I honestly don't see it that way I'm just very playful and since we hang out I like having fun with them and didn't think it was a problem. But I am dating this one guy, it's nothing serious we aren't official so I really don't think the way I act towards other guys is a problem.

When do you think you should stop flirting when your seeing someone?


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  • If you have any respect for the person you're dating you will not flirt at all.

    • Even though we aren't exclusive?

      And I just think it's a part of my personality, I do feel bad after I realize that that is what I was doing. I don't seem to realize it till someone points it out to me, maybe because I don't see it as flirting?

    • In my country nonexclusive dating doesn't exist, so I can't say about that. I think a good general rule is: imagine he's doing what you're doing, with some other girl, and if that scenario bothers you then don't do it.

    • I usually tend to put myself in other peoples shoes, and honestly since this isn't anything serious at the moment it doesn't bother me. I wouldn't know if it would bother me if it was a more serious relationship.

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  • i lfirt all the time, but that doen't mean anything