I'm so confused and stuck between two guys. Which one should I choose?

Okay so here's my story. I'm stuck between two guys. The first guy is a guy I met in middle school and he liked me in he 8th grade,since he is the first guy who ever told me that he liked me, of course I was a little excited so I immediately said that I liked him too, but as I got to high school and stuff and my relationship ended with him later in 8th grade he now says that I'm the only girl for him, but I don't like him in that way and he very persistent and I feel when ever we talk its only through text which makes me feel that he uncomfortable to be real and stuff and all he wants me to do is to kiss him which is so unromantic to ask me, especially through text. So, that is that guy. the second guy I've known since 6th grade and he's been my best friend since freshman year. He is totally awesome and he's really cute. But, I don't know if he he would want to date me because were friend, plus he's 6ft 4in and I'm only 5ft 1in so would that be a factor? IDK, bottom line is that I'm confused? HELP ME!


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  • lol talk about freaken tall haha. I've seen guys date short girls but man o' man is it rare. its just awkward. honestly you do what your heart wants to do instead of 3rd partying it :D


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