Frustrated about dating apps?

Recently I have been venturing into the online world of dating and all I can say is that I am very frustrated. Is it just me? I can’t ever get a clear answer, but does anyone else get really frustrated at all the hidden drama?

I mean it’s not so bad and kind of fun scrolling for potential dates, but the hidden costs kill you. And then there’s the people. I made the mistake of actually reading profiles. Does anyone do this anymore? I feel like the majority of people making these profiles are looking for a cure to boredom rather than potential dates. I’ve read profiles of people ranging from very salty ( just got out of a relationship and my guy treated me bad) to very fickle ( I’m just looking for fun teehee), but no one ever replies to my messages. I feel very frustrated.

Is this just me? I have a friend who is a girl, and she made a profile and within minutes had something like 20 messages from guys. Granted this was not the attention she was seeking, but, I just find dating apps to be wildly frustrating and somewhat obnoxious. Is it just me?
Frustrated about dating apps?
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