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How do I make my best friend stop playing mind games?

My best friend is a guy and we clearly had feelings for each other for a while but i left him alone because he kept talking about other girls all the time so i assumed i was imagining the feelings.

he had a serious thing for this other girl at one point and was saying how he was going to make her jealous and text girls in front of her etc on purpose. At that point i gave him the advice that this is a terrible idea and makes people think is isn’t interested.

recently we have both admitted that we almost dated at one point and talked about old feelings. Then he started doing romantic things like going for a walk and pretending we were wandering but meanwhile having a cute spot by the water picked out. And we fell asleep holding hands A few times and i was thinking wow no games this is nice.

so last week we got a little drunk together lol and he was like “i want to be with you forever do you want to be with me forever” and i said yes and then he kept trying to cuddle and put his hand on my ass lol. Then he put in a movie about best friends who are in love with each other on and we fell asleep cuddling with him playing with my hair.

Two days later i saw him and he decided to go on a bunch of dates and has 5 dates booked. Thats fine we aren't even dating, but he kept going on about it and showing me the girls photos over and over. So i decided to move on again and focus on myself/ dating other guys.

Now tonight he got drunk and sent me a message with just this song

Whether he freaked out and is scared because of his feelings or made a drunken mistake that night we were hitting on each other and is trying to backtrack with the dates i dont know but i find these mind games rude and disrespectful especially flaunting other girls 2 days after you tell someone you want to be with them. and i need to talk to him or get him to stop being so up and down with me but I'm not sure how to bring it up.

any advice? Keep in mind he’s my absolute best friend
9 d
To be clear he is always the one to bring up feelings or say “we almost dated” or hit on me there us no point where i am trying to initiate anything
How do I make my best friend stop playing mind games?
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