My girlfriend says she doesn't want to kiss before marriage, what do I do?

We are both 17 and have been dating for three and a half months after I was able to change her mind about dating. I am her first boyfriend and her first kiss. On the other hand I have had more experience with dating and intimacy. I really want to kiss her but she doesn't want to kiss me... Help? Please?


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  • Has she explained why she doesn't want to kiss before marriage? To me it sounds a bit weird.

    Try to talk to her about it :)

    • She says it's because she thinks it's romantic. I understand that but I don't think its as special because I have already kissed a lot of people.

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  • just keep pushing for it, take two steps forward one step back, get her alone, get her horny and see where things go, if she is truly completely off then break up and find another girl