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Just wondering what kind of photos guys like on dating sites, full length, indoor or outdoor, action shots or flirty shots - thinking of giving it a stab as I've heard a lot of success stories. What age group girls get the most responses and how do you get serious replies rather than sexual ones? Does it often lead to dates or just end up chatting for ages and not actually get to meet up? Guys please advise.

Thanks for tips, I've set up a profile on a site my sister suggested, she met her partner on there. I've put on about five pics so people can get an idea of who I am, how I dress, how I look etc. Will see what happens. I think I need to give it a go.
Been chatting to a guy for a while now and he seems really genuine and sweet, we're trying to arrange meeting up. We swapped numbers and email addresses, so will see what happens.


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  • Just a little tip is make sure it's just you in the pic, make sure it's natural not a posed one, usually they come off more positive. And it's better if it's just you keep it yourself on the photo, it's scientifically proven that men find women less attractive when they have men in their photo, apparently it's like a challenge for affection that most men avoid, ironically woman feel the opposite.

    Overall be smiling, don't make it some sporty thing where your on a mountain bike and don't pose with that dumb as peace sign, if your Asian this will be difficult, but try your best


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  • Just don't do that "looking up and to the right" view which was so endemic in Myspace photos.

    They look very stupid, and reek of lack of imagination.

    • LOL - I agree. I do that sometimes for Facebook pics, but I'm not a fan.

  • Online dating sites SUCK! Don't fall for it. I had an account on for 2 months, it was supposed to be only 1, but they screwed me and charged for a 2nd (you have to close your account yourself or they continue to bill you monthly). Anyway NOT ONE SINGLE legitimate connection. I got a handful of those scumbags from King so&so from Nigeria asking for money in illterate English messages. Not one real person. I'm talking not even ONE! I had a good looking profile, I'm a better than average looking man and nada replies. is just as bad.

    I've heard eHarmony is quality since they "match you on 40 levels of compatability", but I still wouldn't trust it.

    I really can't advise you enough against it...

  • serious replies over online-dating is kinda weird and rare.

    I wouldn't online dating at all.


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