Is he ever going to ask me to hang out with him?!

okay this guy started talking talking to me on fb and we have known each other forever, but he sent me a message and we talked for about an hour, and them he asked for my number. We've been talking (texting) for about a month and we talk pretty much everyday, but I'm usually the one to text him, but he seems to not mind talking though.

anyway he drinks with his friends pretty much every weekend, and he always is super sweet when he is texting me during the weekend and always says we need to hang out and such. But he never brings it up or anything...i know he was drunk so it doesn't really mean anything but during the week he still flirts a lot and talks to me whenever I text him and if he doesn't back right away he eventually does and tells me where he was. I just really want to know if there is a chance he might want to hang out with me, or if he even likes me at all


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  • It seems like he has an interest in you. You just have to find out what type of interest it is; friend, sister figure, or romantic interest. Drop hints that you are interested and see how things play out.