She didn't reply to my text and return call after Valentine's Day?

This girl whom we know each other nearly a year, somehow knows that I do have some interest in her as a friend. we met every week doing work in a team together, and she would usually respond to my text and return my call.

But since after I given her the Valentine's Day roses and a gift to hint her that I like her and want to cherish her, I called her the next day )(last Sunday) just to chat with her and sms her to find out her day.

Until now (2 days already) she didn't return call or any text message, what is she thinking? have I frighten her off or she is avoiding me? what should I do? :( my heart is sick

oh she replied "Happy belated friendship day!", is there such a day in the calendar? ya I know she still sees me as a friend, if the roses I gave her eventually soon died, at least she still got my painting which can last forever.
i hope she'll trust me more and more overtime, since the first day I realized about her; her opiniond and thought become important to me.
she's an ordinary girl just like anyone, may not have many talents but still supportive, nice and naturally gorgeous with a warm smile. Maybe I'm blind not to have other options, but so far can't help it to stay on just her.
i accept some of her bad habits and sometimes for being a straight talker, but I assume relationship is about give and take; neither am I perfect; but still can change for better or for worst..


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  • Did you officially tell her that you like her ? Did you write on the card that you want to cherish her?

    If you like her 1 rose would of done enough. As a soft and sweet deal. " want to cherish her " is really forward. You should look for a more relaxed method. Being too strong with your intentions sometimes scares the other person away. Just ez off and chill out. As far as her ignoring your texts and calls. I suggest you give it sometime... maybe 1 - 2 more days and send a casual text first and call mb a few days after if she doesn't respond. But don't mention your feelings just act normal. She will bring it up or act when its right.

    • There isn't any offical word given that "i like you", because my actions I believe were sufficient. I gave her two roses during V Day (Red and Pink)

      1) As a friend, wishing her a Happy V Day

      2) To cherish her more than a friend

      Also a painting of 2 roses with a heart shape, just wished her Happy V day and said hope that she likes those gifts

      I never intend to come too strong, because all I wanted her is to taste the sweetness bit by bit.

      anyways thanks for the response :

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  • give her a few more days before trying again


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  • That's good man. Always be a friend first before you go off telling her you like her. She will trust you in time. You got to just keep going... all girls see guys as friends from the start, but its when they count the times you were with them and the times you were there for them + the fun you had with them. So just work on having fun with her and building a casual setting and you'll get her