I can't tell if this girl likes me ... ? girls please help.

I told this girl I like her. But her actions are the opposite of what she says... Now I haven't dated anyone since high school and a little curious... if she likes me.

usually when I ask what she's doing she tells me, sometimes even adding a bit more information then I need to know. She texts me really early in the morning sometimes and we text all night. what I'm trying to figure out is .. if she likes me because sometimes I ask her to hang out or to do something she totally ignores my question. But if she makes a plan with me and decides to cancel she always offers a make up day and explains. She told me a few times she wanted to cancel just to hang out with me... and I'm guess I'm wonder if she's playing with me or is she just playing hard to get ? Should I stop texting her frequently? and build some room for her to think? I feel like I respond to often at times and I chase to much. is there a better way to make her develop feelings ?


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  • I'm sorry but I don't think that she is interested. Sometimes girls don't mean to lead guys on but they do. When she adds the extra information, she might just say that to everyone. Also what you talk about all night is also a factor. Sounds like she doesn't know how to say no to hanging out. Maybe see if she initiates hanging out one time.

  • she probably was interested at some point but lost interest. she might not know what she wants and is just stringing you along until she figures it out. be honest and tell her to make a date and stick to it, or your going to move on. and you can't just say your going to move on, you have to do it.


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