Adults: Why would he text this?

This guy I went out with a few months ago, just suddenly texted me this afternoon saying "You forgot about me!" I took it as he was maybe looking for a booty call or quick sex but then why wouldn't he just say hey, we should hangout? or maybe hey, are you doing anything or something...Was that his way of trying to be funny or what?

I'm over him so I'm not worried...I'm just curious...i never gotten a "you forgot about me!" after mos of not being in contact just wanted to see. Opinions


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  • What's with girls always over thinking everything guys do or say? You forgot about him, he's upset. He wants attention. What do you mean, trying to be funny? I don't know what the relationship is between you two but the way I picture it from the question you kinda just left him high and dry - What would you do? There's a few things but different people handle this differently, he's trying to salvage whatever part of your relationship he can - even if that's just friendship.

    • Everything you said makes sense, you're right we over think things but why wait 3 months after we havnt talked to come out and say it now? Why not then...the time lapse is just a little odd

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    • Ok, so then what can I say or ask him to get talking again? If you were him, what would you like the girl to say?

    • Well I personally don't know what you want. You said in your question that you're over him then responding to another answer you said that you might. Without your feelings I can't really say - but obviously if I was in his position it would be along the lines of "Hey! We haven't seen, talked, or heard from each other for a REALLY long time... Let's have sex! :D" - kidding, but I would want some sort of closure of the problem(That being forgotten in his sense).

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  • He probably feels like you've ignored him. I've been tempted myself to send message to even some of my male friends when I feel like they take me for granted and only call me when they're bored. But I feel that's just a little too desperate.

    Everyone needs to feel wanted every once in a while...

    • Really? You don't think he was just looking for quick sex?

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    • Well, if you're having a hard time being direct, ask him "What made you call me out of the blue all of a sudden? I haven't heard from you in months."

      That way, he'll have to be honest and you won't come off as harsh than if you flat out said "What are your intentions?", and you should get your answer =)

    • Thanks for your help, I'll try that :)

  • Not trying to place any blame on you at all, but now that you texted back that you hadn't forgotten about him he's going to be worrying about what he might have done or why you lost contact with him.

    • (Meant to post this below as another comment >.<)

  • He likes you.


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