Can't go on a date if I don't have a car?

I feel like not having a car is ruining my opportunity when it comes to dating. My brother wreck my car that my parent were going to give to me. I don't like it when a girl have to pick me up on a date. That is why sometimes I hold back when I get a number from a girl. Do you think that is strange?


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  • lol, You should do like what the younger kids are doing... Just meet her at the destination. You don't have to get her to pick you up. Find some other kind of transportation to get you there and back home. Don't let not having a car ruin your dating life. I say, if you are really into the girl, you will find some kind of way to go on a date with her. (catching the bus, (JUST DON'T LET HER SEE IT) LOL taking a taxi, borrow a friends car, perhaps WALK (pick a location near you for the date.) Maybe cheesy to do these things but like I said, if you are really into her... GO FOR IT! :)

    • You right. I should use my bro car. I am old fashion kind of guy.

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