I'm always the one making first contact. What's the deal, what should I do?

Last Wednesday he asked if I wanted to to hang out sometime soon. I said yes and he said that we'd set something up. I haven't heard from him since. Is he waiting for me to contact him? I don't really want to contact him because I feel like I'm always the one making first contact. What's the deal here? What do you think I should do?


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  • I think he should contact you first, especially if he's the one who started the "let's go on a date sometimes" part! However, if he doesn't do it, be aware of the fact that you may be the one who's gonna have to talk to him - so basically I'd advise you to still wait for him to text you/call you but if in one week nothing happens, you need to decide if you really care about this date and him - if you do, just call him and act like 'oh I'm bored, wanna do something ?"


  • Hmmm... this one is hard to read. I'm with you on being tired of always being the one to make first contact. Maybe he's in the same position? Or maybe he's just waiting to run into you, and figure out plans then. Since you don't want to initiate dating (which, again, I'm in complete sympathy with), try taking the first step in starting a conversation with him the next time the two of you run into each other. Lather, rinse, repeat, until he feels confident enough- or restless enough- to initiate the asking out. Good luck:)