The guy I'm dating got hurt, what should I do now?

So I've been really busy with school, friends, etc. and Alex has a life too (two jobs, school, friends, family) so we've been texting each other for like 2 weeks now? Jeez that sounds bad, but whatever. We had plans for this past weekend but nothing definitive so I bailed. I had a cold...

So I texted him yesterday saying Happy V-day and he said it back and then the conversation pretty much died... I'm not going to carry a conversation all on my own, especially through texting.

So I texted him today and we got into our usual banter where I asked how his gays were and he asked how my hoes were (it's a joke, obviously) and he said that they're getting upset because he won't make plans with one of them for sure. So I said, well you never make plans with me so I know how your gays feel!

And then he said how am I supposed to when you disappear after 2 or 3 texts?! I texted him back saying that I'd rather see him in-person than talk about making plans forever through texting... And I haven't heard back now. So he's either busy or butt hurt.

So what now? Thanks if you took the time to read this bullsh*t by the way.

Lol. Guess who just texted me? Sigh...guys.


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  • "Lol. Guess who just texted me? Sigh...guys"

    --> Hey now, I'm taking a little offense to that missy! Guys are unique - I personally don't act the same way as this Alex kid does.

    When I want to see a girl, I'll ask her if she's open tonight, then I'll proceed with making plans. It's usually spontaneous or 1-day in advance, but I follow through with it. I don't let other sh*t get in the way (friends, family members whining that they need something, or other girls).

    And when a girl flakes on me, or is too busy, I'll try some other time. No problem. Then I'll see what other girls are available, or I'll just go out solo and meet a new girl. However, if a girl flakes on me too much, or doesn't respond back, it's NEXT. Hey, if she's that hung up on other sh*t then she's never going to be available for a date. Girls have to get their sh*t together, too.

    Now as far as this Alex kid goes, he seems like the type who doesn't know how to take action. He's indecisive and unpredictable. All he has to do is make something up, and invite you out. Who cares if you don't respond after a few texts? He's that dependent on a response from you? Wow ... baby. I thought girls like to text conversations back and forth, not guys.

    It's up to us guys, to show our balls and initiate things. If we want a girl, we gotta chase her and get something going. Show leadership. Take ACTION. Do fun things with others. Not sit at home and over-analyze what a girl does.

    You'd be doing yourself a favor by NOT dating this kid - he's not worth it because you'll end up getting pissed off at him further.

    • He might be indecisive or hesitant to make moves..

      But I wholeheartedly disagree that guys have to initiate things all the time. I don't believe that's fair at all. Chasing girls is so cliche and tiring nowadays..

      I wish people would stop f***ing playing mindgames. There needs to be open communication between 2 people. If a guy doesn't make a move, the girl shouldn't wait around forever for him to make it.. She should initiate herself, and if he keeps being unresponsive, then move on.

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  • I agree with Sweet, it sounds rather immature... He's probably said it through frustration at something at the time if he isn't the immature type. I mean on an off day if someone says something in good humour I mightn't pick it up and give an answer I don't really mean. Hard to tell though. If it's a common thing, it could be an issue.

  • He sounds like a bitch or something lol. You sure he was a player? Or maybe the "be a bitch" is his go to player move? >.>

  • My question is why did you not go out on Valeintine's Day? He should haev made smoe plans with you to do that.

    • Because neither one of us made any plans or even brought it up. I don't f***ing know. :/

    • Damn if I was your guy I would have made some plans even if I didn't consult you about them.. it's kind of a must for Valentine's Day

  • You both sound like you need to get up off your high horse and stop being retarded and stubborn. Or at least one of you does to get something going. I'd suggest you do it but with the way you usually are I assume you'll say no.

    • Move on already. You haven't said anything good since like first meeting him.

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  • He got offended. He sounds a lot like a guy I knew...he's just waiting for you to take the initiative to contact him again. Don't. Wait for HIM to come up with something to reply.

  • I think that he sounds really lame and he would p*ss me off with his childish ways. It seems like he wants you to put more effort into whatever you have going on but then he's not really putting a lot of effort in so...maybe you should cut your loses. In my opinion of the little I know about your situation he doesn't seem worth it but who am I to judge. I hope this sorta helped.

  • Errr...I thought you broke up with this guy? Hmm,...maybe was a different guy lol.

    I think he's being immature. And I don't think relying on text as your primary means of communication is a good idea.

    • Lol, no we didn't break up. We aren't even really dating. That's what I don't get why he's being all butthurt. He just texted me now, I think he is immature. -_-

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    • A 20 year old college guy? Immature? Shocking :P

    • haha you're tellin me

  • Aha! someone is holding back a secret from me :( I didn't know you're dating again! OK OK :(

    but he for real? are all guys that way? f*** Valentine's and sure f*** boyfriends! that's my final statement :D offense :D

    • Lol Sally, sorry I kept you out of the loop! It's still Alex though. :) I don't know why he's being such a baby.