I last spoke to my boyfriend 2 nights ago, haven't spoken to him since, do I wait?

I'm waiting for him to contact me first,seeing as I tend to be the one who contacts him first most of the time..And it would be nice if he did contact me first..I last spoke to him two nights ago and haven't spoken to him since,I don't know weather to wait and see if he contacts me..or just contact him..What would you do ?lol.Didn't speak to him at all yesterday or last night :(..I thought I would have heard from him by now :(

Plus I wanted to give him a chance to actually miss me..
I contacted him.And he said he's been super busy..not sure what to think


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  • That happens a lot , guys usually like it when the girls hit them up first . I don't understand why if there's two people in the reltionship but just go ahead and contact him . you wouldn't like to not talk to him for about a week or so ! he could contact you but he probably wants too see how long you coulg go without texting or calling him ;) p.s. try to make him miss you someway :D


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  • take this in...if he actualy misses you and wants to talk to you then hell plan to call you

    • I couldn't help it lol,I contacted him and he said he's been "super busy". :(

    • ah no girl, no matter what avoid contacting him! thatll push him further away trust me...when you don't talk to him for awhile you'll seem more mysterious to him and hell wonder what youve been up to then call you !

  • If he doesn't contact you within another day then you should call him.

    • already did contact him,couldn't help it lol..said he's been really busy :/