What "rule" in the dating scene is the most important one?

What "rule" in the dating scene is the most important one?

  • The guy has to make the first step/ ask out the girl first
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  • He has to call her after the date first
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  • On a date, he has to pay for the bills
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  • No s€x on the 1st date
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  • He has to be taller than her
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Please,please,please!...

    pay on the first date, I had horrible experience with this.

    Unless she wants to go half and half be a gentleman

    and pay on the first date

    • i agree with 50-50 split but y the f*** should the guy pay always...women can't be trusted for their loyalty either

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    • It's still ridiculous. You expect (I'm sure, like most girls) the guy to both muster the courage and overcome the fear of rejection to ask you out first and then pay for you? Come now... do you not see how selfish that is? At the very least, the second date you should initiate that and pay for that if he initiated and paid for the first. After that, then both should share the pay and switch up who asks who out to be fair.

    • I can't speak for all girls, but when I go on a first date I never expect the guy to pay the whole thing. I always go in expecting to pay my half because I think it is only fair, and often insist. I only get pissed when a guy conveniently forgets his money and I end up paying for the whole thing and makes no attempt to pay me back. In all fairness though, I think it applies the opposite way too. I don't think girls should go in to a first date expecting the guy to pay.

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What Girls Said 3

  • I don't believe in any of these.

  • i'm surprised that no girls voted on option A

  • pay 50/50 for the meal


What Guys Said 3

  • I'd prefer the same rule that's more important in all of them

    "F***ING COMMUNICATE, GOD DAMN IT!" (swearing required :P)

    Fuck the girls who think "he has to pay the bills." Fuck you girls, go get over yourselves.

    Of the "guy has to ask first" f*** that too. Grow a spine and ask the guys out every now and then, girls.

    Of the ones on there, the only one I could see is no sex on the first date just because it's best to not rush into things, but even then it depends on the people.

  • A is the basis of all the 'rules.'

    A good reason to liberate ourselves from traditional 'dating,' it seems to me!

  • what rules?F*** the rules...

    most of the times its our emotions riding over...

    if there are any,they are meant to be broken