Why am I never enough for guys?

Whenever I meet guys, at first it seems good, the conversation there, the connection is there, the sparks and butterflies are there, it just feels so exciting and fun to meet someone new. Then couple months later things start changing, he starts messaging me less, stops making an effort, hardly sees me anyone and doesn’t even take me out. I just always feel like I’m not good enough, and I’m not even pushing them away either, I’m giving them space and not forcing anything. I’m taking things as they come and waiting for things to progress, but I notice every guy I meet does this to me. I get very upset and always feel like I’ve done something wrong, when I haven’t. I just wanna be that girl that meets someone, and whisks me off my feet and makes me feel like I am enough. But lately all guys do Is fuck me head up and leave me hanging. What’s up with that?
Why am I never enough for guys?
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