Do you think he'll call?

I had sex with this guy last weekend. He's a friend of a friend and we've met a few times before. He told me it was just sex but I got his number anyway. I texted him this weekend, a week after the hook up, and said he should come over sometime this week. He texted back immediately, asking where, and then said he'll see what's up.

So that was 3 days ago, haven't heard room him since. Do you guys think he'll call?

Ok update. I texted him and got him to have a conversation with me. Still not really feeling sparks from his end but I get the feeling he likes me ok.
Help guys, how do I get this guy to go out with me? I need to up the interest level. I'm not an ugly chick either! I know he thinks I'm attractive.


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  • It sort of sounds like a booty call to me. And honestly he might call, but it sounds more like he was trying to be polite with his answer.

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