Guys, why do you randomly become distant?

My boyfriend and I got a new place about a month and a half ago and up until a week ago, he was super happy, playful, and all around in good spirits. A week ago he started becoming distant. He brought me out for my birthday Tuesday and he barely spoke. My conversations have become partially one sided. I brought it up with him last night and he said I've been "up his ass" lately. Which isn't true. I work full time and we only see eachother from 4pm to maybe 8-9pm when I fall asleep and we dont talk when Im at work. Normally, when we do anything, he initiates it and makes the plans for us. And if I say I dont want to do something, he gets pissed. So how have I been "up his ass" lately? Or is this just the easiest excuse he could come up with?
Guys, why do you randomly become distant?
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