I just can't be played anymore.

"One, I did like you for ummm 1 week? After that I stopped for a few reasons: It seemed like you were easy, you sent me naughty pictures so I started guessing that you were easy, so I knew you weren't going to be a good girl friend. You're right, I didn't trust you, the reason I talked to you again during Thanksgiving was because I realized you still had my stuff and I needed it back. Also, I like your friend Stella and flirted with her a lot and I told her I loved her and I believe I like her more than you, lol, and even if she doesn't like me I don't care. She was an awesome friend to talk to, but we don't talk anymore. The reason I talked to you now was because I wanted to f**k around with you again, but since that ain't gonna happen, so bye." I never really had strong feelings for this guy, but I trusted him. And when I saw this text message (spelling errors corrected by me) I couldn't help but feel really hurt. I thought this guy was caring, and if not romantically attached at least he was a good friend, and now I see this text message? My question about this whole thing is how can you tell the good guys from the bad? Especially if they're really good actors. Please help me, I just can't be played anymore.


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  • Well first of all...it says your under the age of 18 so what are you doing sending picture like that to him anyways? Especially if your in high school for all you know he could send those pictures around and guys will think your easy and a slut. Its not worth giving yourself a bad reputation! Also it sounds like he either is a f***ed up guy or just trying to hurt you in the first place. Truth is sweetheart everyone lies. Girls plays guys and guys plays gir but you got to find the right person that will respect you. Good guys won't call you a whore unless its true, there sweet and sencere and honestly wouldn't say those type of mean things to you. That's a start!

  • Is he 14? He sounds like the dumbest, biggest loser I've ever heard of. You're lucky he doesn't like you anymore. That guy's a piece of trash. What a LOSER. I can't even get over how dumb he is.

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